It seems that Norman doesn’t like being called a “liar for Jesus.”

     You don’t suppose he’ll stop lying, do you?  Nah, me neither.  He recently made several false accusations against Alex, saying that he lived in his car, saying that he was evicted from apartments, saying he was “unemployable,” and saying that he was prone to (unevidenced) fits of rage.  And now he complains about what he identifies as “poisoning the well,” “ad hominem,” and “appeal to ridicule” all wrapped up into one.  It seems that he only objects when he sees himself as on the receiving end.

     Well, let me clarify something.  The fact that Norman is a pathological liar does not make christianity false.  (I think christianity is false.  But Norman’s perpetual deception has nothing to do with it.)  The tendency of Norman to be a liar makes me not want to deal with him directly.

     Norman says that his accusers don’t stop to consider that his god doesn’t condone lying.  Well, that’s a claim that christians like to trot out.  But the fact is that, according to the legends, their god does condone lying — when done to the detriment of outsiders and those who have fallen out of favor.  Others have gone into the details of that.  I will not take the effort.

     Norman complains about “childish name calling,” while he calls atheists “sycophants.”  I wonder if he even notices the hypocrisy.  He goes on to take excuses (for himself) of “difference of opinion,” “a mistake,” and the ever popular “just a joke, fellas.”  As he does not accept such excuses for those he accuses, they ring hollow when he claims them for himself.



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