Anti-virus software.

     As can be expected, I have anti-virus software on my computer.  For the most part, I like it.  It helps keep my computer happy and running.  But… I had to override the default settings.  It wants to “auto-sandbox” any program file for which the “file prevalence/reputation is low.”  Essentially, it wants to “wall off” any program that doesn’t already have a lot of users.  As one thing I like to do is write my own software, this poses a bit of a problem.  So I had to turn off that particular feature.

     Apparently, most people don’t write their own software.  It comes as rather a surprise to me, too.  As a result, not only were the programs that I was trying to write getting flagged as “suspicious,” the development software that I use was as well. 

     I also have something of a dream of someday being able to sell licenses to some of the software I write.  I realize that that is probably a long-shot anyway.  But I don’t need the added hurdle of software spuriously calling it a virus.


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