Norman tried to get a reaction out of Alex

     My loyal readers (crickets chirping) may have noticed Norman’s recent blog post in which he directed some rather nasty insults at an “unnamed” Englishman.  Come on, Norman.  We all know that you have no sense of decency.  You would never have withheld a name if you thought that there was anybody who didn’t know exactly whom you were insulting.  Alex just compared Norman’s lies against reality.  Norman’s lies didn’t hold up very well.

     Well, it seems Norman was not satisfied with the reaction he got.  So he says “someone reported” to him that Alex took exception to his post.  The reality?  Norman scouted Alex’s blog to see if he got the reaction he wanted.  He didn’t.  So he antagonized a little more saying “this is the intellectual elite?  Not bloody likely.”  It may surprise Norman to find out that having been insulted by a known pathological iiar like himself is not as damaging to one’s reputation as he might hope.

     What can we learn from this?  Well, we already know that Norman accuses others of things that are true about himself.  So, we find that he begs people for a place to recharge his computer and access to the internet.  I find this rather strange because most people can use the computers at the library.  He must have been banned.  I’m somewhat curious as to what he did to accomplish that.  Nobody can stand him for more than a few hours (even his fundamentalist christian “friends.”)  Okay, that one is not much of a surprise.  He lives in his car.  I would have guessed that he was still a youngster and that his parents couldn’t kick him out yet.  He is prone to fits of rage (yeah, guessed that from his previous comments, too.)  And this has made him unemployable.  Admittedly, the economy isn’t helping much either.


3 thoughts on “Norman tried to get a reaction out of Alex

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