An interesting, if somewhat pessimistic blog post

     The post is here.  Now, I see some hope.  The developed world, to a large extent has lower birth rates.  As people have hopes and dreams other than having sex and/or children, birth rates go down.  When birth rates drop below the replenishment rate, the population starts going down.  Unfortunately, I don’t see this happenning quickly enough to avert a resource crunch.

     And then there are people like Dan.  He is bragging that he has six children and he is encouraging them to continue a tradition of large families, basicly to lay waste to the planet’s resources.  Fundamentalist christianity and catholic christianity are the same in that they mandate high birth rates to speed up a starvation condition.  These religions have to go.  If they do not, humanity faces starvation.


4 thoughts on “An interesting, if somewhat pessimistic blog post

  1. >> These religions have to go.

    How do expect to go about doing that? Kill the Christians? I sure hope you do not mean eugenics like the did as they did even in the 70’s Compulsory sterilization is the most inhumane thing you can advocate dude! I would hope you’re better then that. If you wish to not have children, I am happy for you. But keep in mind that youtube video about the musllim population increasing . Didn’t Bin Laden have like 50 siblings?

    Remember my post? “future perceived smart people will be dumb by default since they failed to evolve and maintain heritage so then the smart people of today are the dumbest of tomorrow” ~

  2. I am not here to advocate a mechanism. I only point out the consequences of the religions remaining. I would be quite happy if the religious people woke up one morning and realized that they had been duped.

  3. So Dan under your definition of smart, which has nothing at all to do with the actual definition, cockroaches are a lot smarter than humans because they have more children, right?

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