Dan says that he does not want to convince non-christians that christianity is true.

     Well, he is very effective at not being convincing.  But many christians (Dan used to be one of them) compare failing to embrace christianity to such dangerous acts as walking off a cliff or playing on the tracks when a train is coming.  If I saw someone doing something dangerous or deadly, I would want to convince him of the danger.  With a cliff, I would probably demonstrate the drop with some pebbles.  For the tracks, I would point out the iron beams and the wooden planks and note the sound of the train.  One thing I would definitely not do is claim that the person was aware of the danger and was “suppressing the truth in unrighteousness.”  I mean, how horrible does someone need to be to do that?  And yet, that’s what Dan does.

     If Dan really believes that there is a heaven and a hell of the nature he depicts, he must want people to go to the hell.  He talks about it in a deliberately unconvincing manner.  It is as though he wants to be able to laugh and say “I told you so.”  His approach is like showing someone a picture of a tree, saying that is what a train looks like, and then saying a train is coming.


One thought on “Dan says that he does not want to convince non-christians that christianity is true.

  1. I am just not able to convince you. If that were the case, there would be no such a thing as an Atheist. I know some real slick used car salesman that could get you to buy ice in the winter, that I would employ full time. I am sure you know a few on TV that is trying to do just that. No. We are to proclaim the truth, that is it. We are the tool for God to use if He so chooses.

    And absolutely yes I want people to go into Hell. I want God’s will to be done, after all. Now, that may sound wicked, but it’s not. I want people to freely choose God, without force, or coercion.

    There is one thing for sure:

    Hell’s gates will be locked from the inside.

    Heaven can even be defined as a collection of people that wish to be with our Lord. Now that is why I wish you to join us. It will be bliss, and an honor, to spend eternity with you and our Lord. My first lemonade toast will be to God, and the second will be for you, and the like, for making it.

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