Norman has decreed that “Who created the ‘creator’?” is a childish question.

     Well, Norman decrees a lot of things, most of which are nonsense.  At any rate, he starts off with the line “Anything that is made has a maker.”  Well, yes, that’s true by definition.  Anything that has specificly been made has a maker.  Unfortunately, he goes downhill from there.  He claims that life must have been made because it is incredibly complex, much more complex than the most complicated non-living matter.  By doing so, he is invoking (without stating explicitly) a general principle that anything above a certain complexity threshhold must have been specificly created.  Once he declares this general principle as his own, his opponent may apply it to his statements.  He, like many christians, claims the supposed christian god as the creator of life.

     If the christian god exists, it is certainly above the complexity threshhold that Norman uses.  In short, by his general principle, the christian god must have been made and so needs a maker.  It is not a childish question to ask who or what made the christian god.  It is a necessary question, which needs an answer.  Norman, however, does not provide an answer, he just wants to dismiss the question.  He doesn’t want to think of his god as having been made.

     If Norman, like most christians, insists that the christian god is not made, then things can be arbitrarily complex without having been made.  We are back to having no particular reason to believe that the christian god (or any god) is there.  There might be a god.  But if there is, such god is hiding.


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